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Interview Preparation

At Arrow, we cultivate the talent of our workforce by focusing on people as career investors. Creating a meaningful, long-lasting career conversation starts your interview. Expand your knowledge about Arrow and build an impact for you and your interviewer. 

Before Your Interview

Insights blog
Research Company and Job
  • Expand your knowledge about Arrow 
  • Follow Arrow company news and stories
  • Visit social media pages
  • Familiarize yourself with the job description
Reflect on your Experience
  • Highlight previous background and experience  
    • Tailor your experience to the job.  For example, if the role requires presentation skills, highlight the experience you have with presenting. 
    • Prepare 5 examples of achievements/projects using your work or school experience that relate to the job. Incorporate these examples when answering questions.  
News & Events
Investor Relations
Organize Your Space/Logistics
    • Know if the interview is via phone, in-person, or video
    • Plan to be a few minutes early
    • Remove distractions, mute your phone/smartwatch, etc.
    • If a video interview, test the internet connection, the interview link, camera, audio, and lighting prior to the interview.
Prepare to Present Yourself
    • Dress appropriately
    • Show enthusiasm
    • Know your compensation expectations
    • Prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewer.  Examples could include:
      1. Is this a new role or a replacement? 
      2. What are some of the challenges you’ve seen people in this role or team encounter?
    • Practice

During Your Interview


Arrow Core Competencies and Interview Practice Questions

What do we offer?
  • Stable working conditions 
  • Great work environment inside a large worldwide group 
  • Management, leadership, and self-development programs 
  • International career opportunities  
  • Community awareness and involvement programs  
  • Equal opportunities for all employees
  • Multicultural and diverse teams  
  • Opportunities for promotion and career path coaching 
  • Environment supporting expanding employees' competences
Connect with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team
Ewelina is responsible for recruitment for our Shared Service Centres in Gdańsk, Poland and Budapest, Hungary. She is handling roles in the professional segment: Finance, Operations, HR and Customer Service.
static img alt text
Ewelina Dmochowska
Recruitment Team Leader - EMEA Business Services
Maria is a Technical Recruiter working EMEA-wide, looking for IT and Electronic Engineers across different business units within Arrow Electronics.
static img alt text
Maria Morejon 
Senior EMEA Recruiter
Magdalena's main focus is to look for technical talents across the EMEA region.
static img alt text
Magdalena Wasielewska
EMEA Recruiter
Katarzyna is responsible for recruitment processes across a number of European markets (Ireland, UK, CEE, Nordics, Switzerland, etc.) in various segments such as technical, sales and corporate functions. 
static img alt text
Katarzyna Zawilińska
EMEA Recruiter
Monika covers the whole EMEA region in the technical segment. She is recruiting IT Professionals and Electronics Engineers.
static img alt text
Monika Szymańska
Senior EMEA Recruiter
Magda is responsible for recruiting sales-related talents in CEE region and other EMEA countries.
static img alt text
Magdalena Wądołowska-Wełpa
Senior EMEA Recruiter
Julien is focused on recruitment for Benelux and France area. He’s handling Sales and Technical Sales roles.
static img alt text
Julien Yann Gilles Clouet
EMEA Recruiter
Vivien manages the recruitment process for the shared service center in Budapest, Hungary. She is handling roles in the field of Sales and Customer Service.
static img alt text
Vivien Bella
EMEA Recruiter
Olesia is responsible for hiring the very best talent for our Global Components business with the whole DACH region. 
static img alt text
Olesia Kopotilova
Senior DACH Recruiter
Karolina is focusing on corporate roles and high-volume positions in both Poland and United Kingdom.
static img alt text
Karolina Szachowicz
EMEA Recruiter
Emilia is responsible for supporting recruiters and headhunting talent across different countries in the EMEA region. 
static img alt text
Emilia Kłodzińska
Talent Sourcing Specialist
Julian is responsible for recruiting IT and Electronics professionals in sales and technical teams across Iberia and Nordics.
static img alt text
Julian Kulczycki
EMEA Recruiter
Dominika is part of our Sourcing Team and is actively supporting all our recruiters in finding the right candidates. 
static img alt text
Dominika Klinkosz
Talent Sourcing Specialist
Youness is EMEA Recruiter based in Morocco. He is managing recruitment for all segments in Morocco, from the technical positions to the high-volume roles. 
static img alt text
Youness Bouri
EMEA Recruiter
Izabela is a Talent Sourcing Specialist and helps finding talents within the EMEA region. She is responsible for sourcing candidates for professional, sales and technical positions.
static img alt text
Izabela Powalska Sourcing Specialist
Ewelina is responsible for managing recruitment for non-volume roles within EMEA Business Services with a specific focus on locations such as Gdańsk, Poland and Harlow, UK. 
static img alt text
Ewelina Baran
EMEA Recruiter
Katarzyna joined Arrow as Technical Recruiter dedicated to EMEA market. She is actively looking for IT and technical professionals.
static img alt text
Katarzyna Apanowicz
EMEA Technical Recruiter

Expand Your Knowledge About
​​​​​​​Arrow Businesses

Arrow Global Components (AGC)

​​​​​​​Offering customers components to build their designs, in addition to engineering support, customized systems, and technology platform solutions. We partner with customers to provide solutions that bring ideas to life and get end products to market faster.

Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS)​​​​​​​

As a leader in global IT distribution, Arrow’s global enterprise computing solutions business helps vendors and IT providers grow. We provide deep technical expertise, innovative, real-world solutions, and digital platforms that help accelerate growth.

Arrow Intelligent Solutions (AIS)

Arrow’s Intelligent Solutions business has been building and integrating technology solutions for over 20 years. We enable and support the full lifecycle — from ideation, development, prototyping, and new product introduction, to manufacturing and global distribution.
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